About Us

Face-Card, LLC is a small (yet revolutionary) company established in early 2019 by two young 25-year old college students from the University of Miami and the University of Houston. We are headquartered in the tech-driven city of Austin, Texas. Since officially announcing our business idea, we have gained heavy support from our peers, city locals, and known celebrities alike.

Our Visionary Mission Statement

“To create superior quality products that embody each individual’s unique story in a way that is both innovative and easily observed, leading to a unified community where everyone’s brand is vivid, tangible, and visibly valuable.”

WHAT is a Face-Card™?

A Face-Card™ is: 1. A playing card in a deck that features a King, Queen, or Jack, OR 2. The reputation or line of credit you’ve built in the community due to good business and mutual respect.

WHY do I need a Face-Card™?

Your reputation often precedes you. In many cases, opportunities will present themselves to you because of who YOU are. Everybody has a story, and these experiences make you unique. We believe that you are a star in your own right! Therefore, your Face-Card™ is the tangible symbol of your hard work, a physical representation of your life’s  journey.

WHEN should I have my Face-Card™?

Short answer: Always. People are constantly building a perception of who you are… let your Face-Card™ speak for you. Wear it as a proud member of our special community and an accessory displaying your celebrated achievements. Use it as a VIP Pass to Face-Card™ sponsored events, a portable resume, and an ultra-easy ice-breaker. Your Face-Card commemorates you,  so carry it with pride!