July 5, 2019

Face-Card™ Benefits

We’re always looking for more ways to increase the value of your Face-Card™. Here are some of the applications we have in the works for you in the immediate future:

  1. Permanent membership in the Face-Card™ community plus a heightened level of connection to our celebrity partners.
  2. Admittance to ALL Face-Card™ Holders-only events
  3. VIP/Early entry to concerts & events plus access to designated Face-Card™ sections
  4. Discounts on restaurants, car rentals, hotels, and more…

*Gold & Rose Gold Face-Card™ Holders: With your higher-level product, you will have access to special amenities and giveaways, on top of any initial prizes!!!

Tony Cleveland Jr.

Face-Card, LLC

We are a trend-setting, revolutionary company born in early 2019.

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