September 2, 2019

Face-Card™ Package and Care

Your Face-Card™ is a special item, so it’s only right that the package you receive it in is as well. Every Face-Card™ ordered comes with the following:

*Our official Face-Card™ branded envelope
*Our official Face-Card™ branded cardholder
*A Face-Card™ protective sleeve
*Your Face-Card™

In addition, when it comes to Face-Card™ care, we’ve listed a few best practices to keep your unique item clean and pristine for as long as possible:

*Keep your Face-Card™ away from extreme temperatures or moist conditions
*Have your Face-Card™ in its protective sleeve as often as possible
*Avoid rubbing or grinding the surfaces of your Face-Card™ excessively
*Laminate your Face-Card™, or spray a liquid coating on it (if you’re concerned it may get blemished)

Tony Cleveland Jr.

Face-Card, LLC

We are a trend-setting, revolutionary company born in early 2019.

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